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About Us


 Immersed In Digital Communications Since 2008

WingDing MEDIA is a digital broadcast platform delivering video and audio content to OTT and CTV networks including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV, as well as podcast platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, iHearRadio, TuneIn, and Google Podcasts. All our original content is available on the wingding™ i0S and Android apps as well as the wingding™ WebApp. We will consider third party content related to (but not limited to) food, travel, outdoor, sports, business, health, and wellness. If you have a podcast, television show, reality show, or other, please contact us.

Our History

WingDing MEDIA is a creation of Zeus Digital Marketing, LLC. Zeus Digital  has been engaging consumers with compelling content since 2006 while, at the same time,  helping small business clients reach their target audiences. Entering the OTT space has been a natural progression.  We have worked diligently to create the right strategy and distribution hub to fit in today’s emerging OTT marketplace.

Our Space

WingDing MEDIA and the wingding™ family if applications provides access to a previously  inaccessible void in the marketplace. Bringing together creators, consumers, and brands is our goal and passion. Join us as we pave a synergistic pathway to successful communication. We reach consumers at work, at home, and at play on any device. The possibilities, truly, are endless.

Why We Are Unique

The single largest challenge all emerging OTT platforms face is traffic. We have been in the business of leveraging organic content, SEO, and social media to drive traffic for our clients since 2006. WingDing MEDIA combines distribution and digital marketing to drive results.

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You’ll find our compelling and engaging content at your fingertips, not matter where you are.


Target your consumer by advertising in and around related content. Reach them demographically and geographically with your message with assurance, the message has been seen.


wingding™ offers you the ability to reach your audience without restriction. Monetize your content in multiple ways. Our platform is accessible from any device – mobile, desktop, and telelvision. Our experienced team can help you with every aspect of your jouney including website/network development, production assistance, training, and consulting.

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