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Do you feel like your content is getting lost in the noise on social media? Do you need to expand your reach to better monetize your content? Don’t limit your distribution to one platform. Enjoy the benefits and possibilities of wingding™.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of content may I provide?

We accept VOD (video on demand) and AOD (audio on demand) Podcast content for all the categories your see on our app. If you have something that doesn’t appear to fit, let us know. We will consider new categories based upon your following.

Do you require exclusive rights for my content?

Absolutely not. You may use our platform to expand your distribution beyond your current platform.  We welcome your inclusion in our network.

Where can I get production assistance?

We can provide production and / or consultation to get your started.

I am an influencer with a following. How does that affect my existing revenue?

We hope it helps you increase your revenue by expanding distribution. You should maintain all your existing relationships exactly as you have been communicating. We’ll only get involved when you want or need us to.

Do you accept reality shows?

Yes. We need to see the sizzle reel, or a how sample to determine how the content fits within our platform.

How do I monetize my content?

We provide the platform to engage your audience. If /when one of our advertising clients’ ad(s) fit your content, we’ll share revenue for placement within or around your content. Revenue is based upon impressions. You will participate in driving your audience / following to the platform. We provide the distribution to help you justify sponsorship/advertising.

What happens to the ownership of my content?

You still own it and can do whatever you wish with it. We assume limited rights to distribute your content and to place ads where applicable. We share ad revenue when that happens.

Do I need to be an experienced podcaster to join you?

Nope. We’ll help you get started no matter what level of experience you have attained.

How much does your service cost?

That really depends upon what your have, and what you need from us. Each situation is unique, and each creator has different needs. We suggest  scheduling a free consultation to discover your unique situation.

How do your get traffic to my content?

Engaging Content

Part of that answer and responsibility lands on you. We are providing a platform for you to host and share your content. It is up to you to produce and provide engaging content. 


We recommend writing your show notes and allowing us to post them on our website. We’ll help you write properly optimized content to drive traffic to your show/channel. We offer a service to create the search optimized written content about your show or channel as well.

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