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In January 2022  wingding tv™ broke through (former) distribution barriers with capabilities to distribute original content to multiple top streaming platforms. Wingding tv™ creators enjoy the combined reach of over 6 billion users across all platforms utilized. Here’s the breakdown:  2.9 Billion Facebook; 2 Billion YouTube ; 800 Million iTunes; 180 Million Spotify; 128 Million iHeart Radio; 100 Million Google Podcast ; 75 Million Tune-In; 56 Million Chromecast; 55 Million ROKU; 50 Million – Amazon Fire TV; and 40 Million – Apple TV.

The combined reach in terms of connected devices is nearly 15 billion. Here’s that breakdown: 10 Billion Devices Connected To The Internet (desktops/mac/pc etc.); 2.8 Billion Android Mobile Device;1 Billion iPhone / iPad Mobile Device;1+ Billion Connected TVs (includes Smart TVs)  



In summary:

Over 6 billion users can access your content on wingding™ 

From nearly15 billion devices! No Limits!

Be found! Any Time! Any Place! Any Device! Television . Mobile . Desktop

Branded Channels Are Here!

Branded Channels A wingding™ Branded Channel places your video and/or audio content under your custom-logoed channel graphics and displays your original content within the appropriate category on the wingding™ streaming platform. 

Content placed on the wingding™ platform can be accessed across platforms such as:  Roku; Amazon Fire TV; Apple TV; Chromecast; Smart TV; the wingding™ WebApp; and the free wingding™ Android and iPhone mobile apps. 

Video content from your Branded Channel is distributed to Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast,  iTunes, Facebook, Youtube, and the wingding™ WebApp, as well as our free wingding™ app in both the iPhone and Android stores. 

Audio content from your Branded Channel is distributed to Roku, fire TV Apple TV, Chromecast,  iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Google Podcasts, and the wingding™ WebApp,  as our free wingding™ app in both the iPhone and Android stores. 

The WebApp – Perhaps the most important innovation in wingding™ development is the WebApp. The WebApp makes all your content accessible from any browser. In addition to already being connected to Smart TVs, CTVs,  and Mobile Devices, the wingding™ WebApp delivers your content to the nearly 10 billion desktop (mac & PC) devices connected to the internet.  

Sharing video or audio content has never been simpler. The target consumer never has to download software and/or login to access the file. 

Let Us wingding™ Your Content! Upload Once! Distribute Everywhere! Share With Anyone!



Embed Your Branded Channel

Your wingding™ Branded Channel comes with a customizable embed code to place your content on your website. Content on the embedded channel is updated automatically when new items are added to your wingding™ channel. Videos and audio files on your channel can be shared via SMS texts, email, and social media. Users do not need the wingding™ app to consume shared content. No downloads required. No logins required. No Limits. It takes only a few seconds to easily share 

Travel, Tourism, Sports, Outdoors, Food, Business, Comedy, Automotive, Paranormal, and more categories provide endless opportunities for cross-promotion of brands. 

Branded Channel Pricing starts at $600 Set-up Fee (one-time payment) + $120/month for an Audio Channel and $2500 Set-up +$150/month for a Video Channel. Channel Package Costs Vary Based on Size (storage), Upload Frequency (transcoding),  and Bandwidth (usage).

Not ready for a branded channel? Ask about utilizing the wingding tv™ distribution for your individual videos or audio files.






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