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We provide programmatic placement of ads targeted to your (and/or your client’s) audience-related content. Connected devices (to the internet) are already dominating the communications industry and there’s projected unprecedented growth on the horizon.  There’s no question that every business should consider going Over The Top.

OTT networks and advertising platforms allow businesses to engage their audience anytime, anywhere, and on any device. To say this emerging technology is revolutionary is… perhaps an understatement.


Video Ads

Placement among relevent content as auto-roll, side-by-side, and embedded ads.

Banner Ads

Display channel headers and side-by-side during live and on demand viewing


Audio Ads

Run audio ads before, during, and after relevent podcast content

Promotional Videos


Guest Appearances

We Create Highly Targeted Advertising Campaigns

Your ads run in and around content your prospective buyers frequent. Ads cannot be skipped on our platform. Enjoy the comfort that comes from knowing your messages are seen.

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Simple Ad Creation & Placement

Our expereicned team can imagine, create and deliver your message

Banner Ads

We’ll produce your approved graphics and embed them among relative conent. 

Short Form Video Ads

We can place your already produced 15, 30, and 60 second video ads….or we can create them for you.

Audio Ads

We can place your already produced 15, 30, and 60 second audio ads into podcast programming that is relative to your brand. 

Long Form Video Messaging

Throughout our platform we have the ability to place long form video messaging. 

Product Showcase

Showcases your products to a targeted audeince utlizing our interview platform in-studio or on location.

Long Live the Advertorial

Advertorial messaging combines advertising in an newsy / editorial fashion to deliver worthwihile information to an engaged audience.

Promotional Video Content

Video content that promotes a solution to a known problem or delivers compelling information about a brand. 

The Delivery Network

Smart devices of all types have changed the way our society communicates…in ways we’ve only just begun to understand. This expansive reach from a single platform was unimaginable only a short time ago.

Social Media

Social Media plays a strong role in our distribtuion. We are able to stream our content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube…as well as bring content from those platforms to ours.

IOS & Android Users

Smart phone users will account for more and more of infomation consumption over the enxt few years. More than 50% of all our content is already consumed on smart phones.


Roku has emerged as a favorite OTT platform among a growing number of  cord-cutters. Nearing 50 million subscribers, Roku is poised for explosive growth.

Smart TVs

The number of connected TVs was nearing 150 million in the USA by the end of 2017, that number is expected to rise to 200 million by the end of  2021.

As Smart TV technology improves, prices are dropping as well. The worldwide penetration of Smart TV is projected to be 32% by the end of 2020….nearly tripling over the past 7 years.

Apple TV, Amazon Fire

30 million + Fire Tv devices, 20 million + Apple TV users, and more.

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