In the advent of the highly popular DIRTY JOBS that aired over 300 episodes and is up for a reboot within the beginning of 2022 Who Are You And What Do You Do follows somewhat in same path as DIRTY JOBS but in a slightly different way.

The mantra given by DJ goes “hardworking men and women who have made civilized life possible”, gave way for the essential workers of the world to take pride in whatever profession that they choose that helps move civilization forward.

Who Are You & What Do You Do seeks to explore another part of that puzzle in moving civilization forward as we interview the Creatives, the Entrepreneur, and the Risk-takers who propels us on a forward-moving trek as well. We at (Who & What) will ask about the obstacle that you had to over come in your plight? Everyone has a story to tell, Who and What Will offer them an audience in which to tell it. wingdingTM as partnered with the producers of Who Are You & What Do You Do to bring and exciting season of on the surface obscure but highly motivated individuals, movers and shakers and that has a hand in giving us all a purposeful life.