Thee Goat Rodeo

Originating in Myrtle Beach, SC, Thee Goat Rodeo is a podcast formerly know as Racing Through History. The show provides a (more often than not) zany approach to stock car racing history from the show’s panel of “bonefied” racing historians.

The show’s name emerged during an episode when the panel referred to the calamity that would often result at many Saturday night short tracks as a “goat rodeo”. Someone said, “Do you mean like this show?”…and the name stuck. 

The panel of colorful participants began entertaining a well-know social network called “Where Legends and Fans Unite” back in 2008. As one of about a dozen racing themed shows produced by Producer Big D on RacersReunion ((Radio)) this website drew fans for the love of “Racing The Way It Was”…the shows original name when it aired in 2008 from a hotel room in Moorseville, NC.  After literally thousands of shows with numerous high-profile racing guests, the show ended in 2019.

These podcasts have been preserved for your entertainment. Many thanks to Bobby (Bopper) Williamson, (Coastal) Jack Walker, Cody Dinsmore, Tim (The Legend) Leeming, the late Jim Seay, Hugh (The Man On The Street) Overcash, the many esteemed guests, and the shows creator, Jeff Gilder for the memories.


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