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Long Drive TV

Long drive (golf) originating in the mid 1970s, has exploded in popularity in recent years. There’s some disagreement among the golf tradionalist as to whether it is “technically” golf. It is anything but traditional compared to it’s golfing roots. Exciting, adrenaline-fueled entertainment is a good description for the competition that involves athletes of all ages and abilities crushing golf balls onto a (fairly) narrow grid with screaming fans and loud music in the backgournd. Sometimes compared to baseball’s homerun derby, long drive requires a bit more accuracy as most grids range in width from 40 to 60 yards wide.

The sport is played internationally in over 40 countries. Long Drive TV brings together championship results, news, reality tv, interviews, and more to the wingding tv audience. With The Golf Channel suspending operations of the World Long Drive series, a series they owned and televised, the sport needs representation. At winding™, we’re proud to provide a home for the future growth of this amazing sport. We welcome long drive enthusiasts from aournd the world to contribute to this channel.


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