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This One Works! – Embraced CBD Compression Sleeves

Had to share this product! Jeff Gilder, Executive producer, co-founder for Wingding TV™ and host/creator of Smash Factor, woke on the day he was leaving for the PGA Show in Orlando, FL in January and couldn’t bend or put any weight on his left knee. Years of pounding from ball sports, motocross racing, auto racing, and martial arts had taken a toll on his 68 year old joints…especially his knees.

Jeff’s Experience

“I had some torn meniscus and scar tissue from a gym work out and woke up unable to put any weight at all on my left knee”, recalls Jeff. “I’ve had four knee surgeries on my left knee and had the realization it was probably time for number five, which my Dr has said would be a complete knee replacement. I had to borrow some crutches from a friend (this was Sunday Morning) and make the nine hour drive to Orlando to the PGA Show. The drive was excruciating! There was no position that relieved the pain. Being in recovery/rehab from a recent heart attack, I couldn’t take my normal “go-to” Aleve, nor could I take any NSAIDs to relieve the inflammation. Tylenol was having zero affect on the pain and swelling. It was one of the most uncomfortable days in memory. I arrived late the Sunday night and elevated my knee and iced it….no help. I slept less than an hour that night. I was on the crutches Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I wen to the Orange County Convention Center Wednesday morning in a lot of pain. The three days prior had resulted in more swelling, more inflammation, and more pain and discomfort. I hobbled into the convention center and found Sycamore BioPharma’s booth where they were introducing a line of CBD Compression Sleeves. Over the years I’ve tried many CBD products. Some worked to a degree…some not so much. But, I wanted to give this a try. I got a CBD Compression Sleeve for my knee from the company founder, Tyler Stone. When i put it on, the compression felt good, but I didn’t see any immediate relief from the pain and swelling…and I didn’t expect to. As the day went on, I noticed the swelling going down. That was very noticeable after nearly four days of it getting worse. By late afternoon I could bend my knee and actually put some weight on it. By late that evening I was off the crutches. I walked the PGA Show floor all day for the next two days without crutches. I came across several people there with various knee, feet, and elbow issues….we old people talk to each other about our ailments. Everyone I recommended the product to had similar results. I am a believer in these products and I recommend them to anyone with similar issues. They work! CBD Compression Sleeves by Sycamore BioPharma are the real deal!”


A lot of folks have asked us how long the effects of the sleeves last. We’re glad you asked. In most cases one can receive relief from the sleeve for 4 to 6 days. After that time, or after a washing, one simply recharges the sleeve by applying the CBD compound that is supplied with (and separately) the sleeve.

Get Yours

You can get the Embraced CBD Compression Sleeves and a variety of other CBD products by going to their website at https://cbdcompressionsleeves.com or by simply clicking the link below the video. We’ll keep you updated on this and other new products on Wingding TV’s Business Buzz channel.


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