Take this virtual tour with us in our Undercover Jetsetter segment “Ciao Bellas from Rome.”

And this is the first of four segments we will have for you about the Eternal City.  Again, you can’t do Rome in one day … or even two.

In this episode, we hit the areas of Rome near The Coliseum, The Forum, and Piazza Venezia.

As usual, we dig and unearth facts and info you won’t normally get.


So, when we hit The Coliseum, we take you to ground floor where the gladiators fought.  You will see the new renovations that are underway to keep the Coliseum standing for centuries more.

At The Forum, we show you how the Romans were at the forefront of water technology as they made sure the lowland area had underground waterways that turned The Forum into a place of commerce that led the Empire to thrive for so long.

We also give you some tips on when to visit Rome.  We were there in early November, which begins the rainy season through February.  It was still delightful despite some storms.

Getting around Rome is not difficult.  There are many options: subway; bus, Uber; even bike or motor scooter.  Try them all.

Best Mode of Transportation

But we think the ideal mode of transportation is your feet. Walking Rome is essential to indulge in the history, the culture, and the people. Still, make sure you are ready to be on your feet.  You will need shoes that can balance along some of the cobblestone streets that still exist.

We also bring you to a number of restaurants you will want to hit.

The first is Rosanna 1946. The family that runs it is so warm and friendly. They have a great story since the restaurant started in … you guessed it… 1946.

Try Friscati

Besides the food at Rosanna 1946, we enjoyed a glass of Friscati which is an Italian white blend that is perfect before and during a meal.  We delve into the taste. But we also have an insider Jetsetter tip about ordering Friscati at Rosanna 1946 that you wouldn’t know unless you watch us.

Next, we hit Roscioli Salumeria. We suggest trying it for lunch first.  Why? Because it is so crowded at night.  We indulged in half a dozen dishes, as you will see.

But we also tried a number of local wines – which leads to another tip.

Ordering Italian Wine

When ordering wine, get the house wine.  For Americans, this will seem odd.  But in Italy, they make their best wines the house wines.

We show you other restaurants, as well.  We think you should try them, but don’t be afraid to explore some other restaurants that you engage.  In Rome, there are very few restaurants you won’t like.  In our years of being in Italy and Rome, we have not found any we would not recommend.

Say Ciao, Puppy

Of course, the people of Rome are just as essential to your experience. We met a lot of friendly and welcoming Romans who shared their love and passion for their city.

Our tour guide, Tania, who you will hear from, offers some advice to first-time travelers to Rome or Italy.  Learn some key phrases because you will find the Romans so inviting and open to conversation. You will be expected to even talk to their dogs.

Overall, we hope our Undercover Jetsetter segment “Ciao Bellas from Rome” sparks your desire to dive into some unforgettable adventures filled with culinary delights, stunning landmarks, and wonderful people.

Let’s go.

Susan Anzalone and John Daly are the Co-Creators and Co-Hosts of Undercover Jetsetter, a show on travel, food, wine, mixology and, of course, golf. They show you how to jet set the world and at home. They also co-authored the book, The TV Studio In Your Hand: How to Shoot, Edit & Deliver the Easy Way on Your iPhone. Join them for tips and hacks on the road, at home, or in the kitchen.