WingDing™ TV Podcasts

Your Company’s Best Salesperson

Podcasts are now a needed sales tool for growing companies.

What podcasts can do for your company:

  • reach new customers
  • keep current customers up to date
  • share your expertise
  • grow your brand and story
  • complement your sales staff
  • enhance your email and social media marketing

Podcasts today are more popular than ever. In 2020, the number of monthly active podcast listeners in the U.S. hit an all-time high of over 100 million. Today, the number of podcast episodes are more than 4 million – and growing. Why?

  1. They’re convenient. People can listen to podcasts anywhere, anytime.
  2. Cost-effective. Most podcasts are quicker and less expensive to produce compared to video commercial shoots.
  3. They provide inspiring, educational and entertaining content.
  4. They’re easy to access. Listening to podcasts is as easy as downloading an app.
  5. They’re easily discovered and shared. Many podcasts are accessible through social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
  6. They offer engaging stories. Practically every topic can be turned into an interesting podcast episode.
  7. They’re interactive. Many podcast apps allow users to post comments, subscribe to topics, and even participate in polls.
  8. They offer a personalized experience. A user can tailor their podcast experience by selecting specific episodes or topics.


Let WingDing™ create, produce, and deliver your company’s podcast.

Why WingDing™?

Studio capabilities

  • produce your podcast as either audio or video
  • record remote interviews with guests
  • Teleprompter available
  • Edit finished version with graphics


Producer capabilities

  • Pre-production sessions to prep you
  • Write script for lead-ins
  • Make sure company’s legal standards are met
  • Direct editing



  • Create an online Company Channel
  • Deliver your podcast to numerous social media channels
  • Create short video hits and memes to be used in social media marketing



We can provide a host, or work with a host of your choice, who will moderate the podcast so you can concentrate on sales message

John Daly, Podcast Host

John works with WingDing™ TV. He is an experienced, internationally-known TV Host, Podcaster, Video Producer, Spokesperson, and author.

He knows how to grab the attention of your audience so your message is front and center.

As he says, “I play Ed McMahon to your Johnny Carson”

Here is a reel of his most recent work.