So, we’re back in Rome. This time we’re exploring the area near the world famous Trevi Fountain.

You can easily plan this great day of touring and dining.

Film Favorites

You may want to prep the trip by watching some of the iconic films that have Trevi Fountain as a main character and location, such as…

  • “Three Coins in the Fountain” which showcases the belief in the fountain’s tradition and role in romantic pursuits.
  • “Roman Holiday” with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.
  • “La Dolce Vita” Directed by Fellini where Anita Ekberg’s character wades into the fountain in her glamorous evening gown.
  • Lizzie McGuire Movie” played by Hilary Duff, on a school trip to Rome.
  • To Rome with Love” the ensemble comedy directed by Woody Allen.

Throwing coins is certainly the most talked about must-do.  And as you will see, there are not many folks with much of a throwing arm as coins lay all over the place — not in the fountain.  No worries: the coins are scooped up and given to charity.

However, Trevi Fountain has lots of history, being built in 1762.

The design is stunning and intricate especially the central figure of Oceanus. It’s worth just staying there and letting your senses drink it in.

Not into sculpture? Then sit back and enjoy some people watching.

Fortunately, Trevi Fountain is located in the heart of Rome, making it easily accessible and surrounded by other notable attractions.

It is within walking distance of the Spanish Steps, which we explore in another segment, but as we show you below, we experience the Pantheon and Piazza Navona.

There are so many great restaurants.

We hit two memorable establishments we highly recommend— Coso Wine Restaurant and La Place del Palato.

We might be bragging a bit, but the food we tried and captured on video is so mesmerizing.

You might want to pour yourself some Chianti before you hit play.

Lost In Translation?

Pay close attention to our time at La Place del Palato.

It was highly recommended to us by our Jetsetter friends, Jeff and Cathy Ray. Ironically, they had been in Rome one week before we were there.

Now, many of you will remember my years as a news anchor in Las Vegas at KTNV TV 13. Cathy was my co-anchor. Cathy and I actually knew each other before Las Vegas when we both worked in Providence. Rhode Island. And then decades later we have remained great friends.

At least, I think we still are friends.

Go ahead and take a look at the segment and understand what I mean, as we ask the owner Renato about Cathy’s time there.

Oh, and if it wasn’t Cathy dancing on the tables, then it was her husband Jeff.

It will also explain the title of this post.



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