Simple syrups are more than just “make my drink sweeter.”

They are the linchpin for both consistency and creativity in cocktail crafting.

We’ll go over the art of simple syrups while showing you some that we have created – with some rave reviews.

But first, here’s a real quick hack we learned at a restaurant in Georgetown, SC thanks to Matt, the bartender at the River Room Restaurant.

Simple Triple Sec?

Someone at the table tried one of Matt’s creative drinks that was excellent, but it needed a little extra sweetness to balance it out.

Matt returned to the table with a bottle of Triple Sec and he poured in a dash.  It was perfect.

And what a revelation!

Triple Sec is an orange liqueur that is smooth and, many times, real cheap – like $4 a bottle.  And it is, in reality , a simple syrup.

So, first lesson: have Triple Sec sitting on your bar or in your fridge for a quick sweet addition to your cocktails – if needed.

Second lesson: making the basic simple syrup is so easy.  In a pan, mix 1 cup of water with 1 cup of sugar and turn the stove on.  Stir it up so the sugar dissolves into the water and when it gets to a boiling point, remove from the stove.  Let it cool, then pour into a covered serving bottle.

Third lesson: get creative and make your own – using the above formula of equal parts water and sugar.

Before we show you ours, let’s understand the foundation of simple syrups that will help you discover your own creations.

All About Balance

At its core, mixology is the art of balance — harmonizing the bitter, sweet, sour, and sometimes salty to create a cohesive, enjoyable experience. Simple syrups serve as the sweet counterpoint, easily blended, to modulate the acidity or bitterness inherent in spirits and citrus. The ability to fine-tune the sweetness without altering the cocktail’s liquid ratio is what makes simple syrup a crucial component in achieving this balance.  And remember, everyone has some different quirks in their palate that yearn for different tastes.

Why not just throw in a spoonful of sugar? Don’t. Unlike granulated sugar, which can settle at the bottom of a cold drink, simple syrup integrates seamlessly, ensuring uniform sweetness throughout.

And, don’t worry about too much sugar.  We have a recipe, you will see below, that uses Stevia instead of sugar.

Remember too, simple syrups you make will go beyond mere sweetness.

They offer an expansive canvas for creativity. Infused simple syrups can impart a myriad of flavors – from the subtle nuances of vanilla or lavender to the boldness of chili or ginger.

This versatility allows bartenders to craft unique, signature drinks that tantalize the palate and stimulate the senses – as we show you below.

Plus, the adaptability of simple syrups extends to embracing seasonality and sustainability. Utilizing local, seasonal ingredients not only supports local agriculture but also minimizes environmental impact. A summer cocktail may be brightened with a peach cinnamon syrup, while a winter concoction finds depth in a rosemary and clove infusion. This not only elevates the cocktail experience but also connects the drinker with the essence of the season and locale.

Jetsetter Simple Syrups You Have To Try

So, let’s dive into some of the Undercover Jetsetter simple syrups we’ve concocted.  We’ve created numerous recipes, but these three are the ones we get the most raves about.

The Cherry Simple Syrup is the one with Stevia.  If you’re concerned about your sugar in-take or you’re a diabetic, this is the one for you.  And remember, you can use Stevia for other simple syrups too.  Here’s ours that we think is great with a Manhattan or Old Fashioned style cocktails.



This is one of our classics.  We love Meyer Lemons and their sweeter and more floral taste.  We also don’t want to waste any of the richness in the peels.  So after we squeeze a Meyer lemon into a drink, we place the leftover rinds into a plastic bag and refrigerate them.  Once the bag is full, we are ready for another batch of Meyer Lemon Simple Syrup.  We think the cooked rinds give it a unique simple syrup taste you won’t get anywhere else.



Our Brown Sugar Apricot Simple Syrup is something we hijacked from the Twelve-33 Distillery in Little River, SC – one of our favorite cocktail spots that has great distilled spirits along with some Prohibition history.  As you will see here, they created this for a cocktail we tried.  We realized how perfect this is for a winter cocktail.



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