My good friend, Mike (I call him Lord) Jamison just released his first novel. I met Mike when I joined an organization he’s been directing for the past 30 years called ING (International Network of Golf). For business reasons, joining ING was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career. It has been equally rewarding on a personal level. Otherwise, I may never have met “Lord” Jamison and the other wonderful folks of ING.

Here is what Mike (you can call him Lord) has to say about writing this novel:

I used to tell my daughter, Mandy, stories from my old sports writing days. She would sit politely, laugh occasionally, make her old dad feel good about himself. But then one day she said to me, why don’t you write a book about all of these stories? I think people would find it interesting reading.

So I sat down, put fingers to keypad, and began describing an incident that happened to me while I was covering a hockey playoff series many, many years ago. But what happened next I cannot begin to explain. Concepts began developing in my brain, and miraculously, the words made their way through my fingers and onto the pages in front of me. What had started as a real life adventure, a recount of things that happened to me many, many years ago, turned into a suspense and mystery novel about drugs, murder, pornography, gambling, and events that I could not have possibly survived had they happened to me.

A major league baseball player, a police chief, a mob boss were all targets of some unusual and occasionally steamy undercover work. Meanwhile, underneath all this, our hero and heroine are involved in a love affair that was started on mistaken identities. Neither was who the other thought he or she was. That’s a tough way to start a long last relationship. When they eventually find out the truth, will they be able to survive? You’ll find out when you read false pretenses. Bye.


We hope you get your copy of “False Pretenses”. Here’s the link from Amazon: