Southern cities are booming as prime destinations for visitors and new residents alike.

If you’re thinking about a vacation getaway or looking for a new place to call home, let us give you some ideas.

Also, we are working on our new book on Road Trips Across the US which will be out soon that will be able to help your trek through the South and other regions.

Until then, let us give you our view of the New South. We’ve been fortunate to indulge in these hot Southern cities which we’ll explore further for you here along with some segments we’ve produced:

  • Raleigh, NC and its Tech Boom
  • Nashville, TN and its Musical Heartbeat
  • Greenville, SC and its balanced growth
  • Asheville, NC and its artistic heaven

So, why the boom below the Mason-Dixon Line?

While the reasons driving people to these four cities vary, common threads tie them together. Each offers its own unique appeal, drawing people for various, yet occasionally overlapping reasons.

Northern Exodus: New England and Upper Midwest states are seeing retirees head South at a larger rate as Baby Boomers look to retire to some warmth.  Granted, many of them are grandparents with kids and grandkids still in the North, so many of them are transitioning part-time to the South for the winter months. Still, it’s not just Northern retirees, tech-savvy Gen Zers are making these cities their new full-time homes.

Weather: And it is not just the snow! We’re hearing from Jetsetters who say they are leaving Florida to hit places like Asheville and Greenville because it is too hot – weatherwise and politically.

Politics: Although we don’t talk politics here, we are noticing that these four cities, are becoming a haven for Jetsetters to avoid “extreme leaning politics.”  And this is coming from both sides.  We hear folks from up North say they are tired of the liberal politics, while others in Florida say they are not happy with the Far-Right anti-woke policies in Florida.  Although these cities are part of Republican and conservative leaning states, these urban enclaves have a tendency to be moderate or liberal.  And while the South is branded with a history of racism due to the Civil War, we have a Jetsetter with his mixed black and white family who moved to one of the cities because it was less prejudiced than the Northern state they left.

Economic Opportunity: These cities are attracting major new high-tech businesses that are a lure for working age Americans.  As you will see in some of the segments below, these cities are becoming hubs for parents looking for great jobs while also providing schooling and resources for their kids to enjoy.

Housing: Although we are seeing higher interest rates, more people holding onto their homes, and a lack of new housing projects, there are some financial prognosticators that we’ve talked to who believe that’s about to change with an influx of home projects about to be unleashed on cities like these.

Cultural Richness: As you will see there is so much history from the Civil War to the Gilded Age and into today’s AI economy that gives these cities an intellectual lure.  Plus, we show you some of the great restaurants and distilleries that are taking care of visitors and locals.

Let’s dive in.

Raleigh, North Carolina: The New Tech Hub

Raleigh, dubbed the “City of Oaks,” is undergoing a tech renaissance. Its Research Triangle Park, home to numerous high-tech companies and scholarly institutions, has turned Raleigh into a melting pot of innovation. Besides its economic allure, Raleigh boasts a rich cultural scene with museums, parks, and a flourishing food landscape. Ranked frequently as one of the best places to live, Raleigh’s blend of opportunity and charm makes it a magnet for young professionals and families. Northerners are particularly drawn to Raleigh for its robust job market, moderate climate, and relatively affordable housing compared to cities like New York and Boston.

Here’s our segment on Raleigh.


Nashville, Tennessee: Country Cool & Urban Appeal

Nashville continues to attract with its undeniable cool factor. Renowned as the heart of the country music world, “Music City” lures tourists with its honky-tonks, the Grand Ole Opry, and an electric nightlife. However, Nashville’s draw goes beyond music; a surge in corporate headquarters and a burgeoning tech scene have made it an attractive spot for job seekers and entrepreneurs. The city’s Southern hospitality, combined with its vibrant cultural and job market, ensures its appeal to a broad demographic, including Gen Z. Many are finding Nashville’s growing tech landscape, coupled with more affordable living options, a compelling reason to relocate.

Here’s one of our segments on Nashville.


Greenville, South Carolina: Small Town Charm Meets Modern Innovation

Greenville is perhaps one of the South’s best-kept secrets, steadily gaining recognition. It’s a city that not only celebrates its historical roots through preserved architecture and cultural events but also embraces modernity. With a robust manufacturing sector, exemplified by BMW and Michelin plants, Greenville mixes old-fashioned charm with steady economic growth. The revitalized downtown area, featuring Falls Park on the Reedy and a thriving arts scene, adds to its magnetic appeal, often cited in discussions of ideal small cities to live in. Northerners and younger generations are drawn to Greenville not only for its charm but also for its more attainable real estate market and burgeoning community-driven projects.

We participated in one of Greenville’s fundraising golf and music events – while enjoying its food scene as you will see here.


Asheville, North Carolina: The Bohemian Dream

Asheville represents the perfect blend of scenic beauty and artistic spirit. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it is celebrated for its breathtaking landscapes, which attract outdoor enthusiasts. But Asheville isn’t just about nature; its vibrant arts scene, rich with music, galleries, and street performances, complements its cultural cachet. Known for its quirky, bohemian vibe, and craft beer scene, Asheville attracts a mix of artists, millennials, and retirees looking for a community infused with creativity and character. The city’s focus on affordable housing and community sustainability initiatives are making it increasingly attractive to Gen Z and younger families from the North.

We dive into their food and drink here.


As we hope you see, Raleigh, Nashville, Greenville, and Asheville prove that the South is not just a place of tradition but a flourishing frontier of innovation and lifestyle.

These cities offer a taste of the evolving Southern allure, each with its own distinct flavor, making them ideal relocation destinations for people across generational lines.

We encourage you to hop on a plane or load up the car for a trip to one of these great spots. And show us what you find.

John Daly and Susan Anzalone are the Co-Creators and Co-Hosts of Undercover Jetsetter, a show on travel, food, wine, mixology and, of course, golf. They show you how to jet set the world and at home. They also co-authored the book, The TV Studio In Your Hand: How to Shoot, Edit & Deliver the Easy Way on Your iPhone. Join them for tips and hacks on the road, at home, or in the kitchen.  Yes, as you will see, all on the iPhone. They cover travel, food, wine, mixology, and golf around the world.  Susan is an expert in food and wine since her childhood days in Australia and then the United States, being the daughter of two lifelong employees of Pan Am Airlines.  John is also a world traveler starting when he studied in Italy through his alma mater Providence College.  John is also a Nevada Hall of Fame Broadcaster during his years as a Las Vegas news anchor at KTNV.  He gained international fame as the host of the first all-video news magazine show, Real TV while also securing his bartending and mixology credentials from the Harvard Bartending School. You can follow them here on the free Wingding app on the Food and Travel Channels, on YouTube, Facebook, X, and Instagram.