It’s a strange time in the media. But what an opportunity!

If you have an idea for a show or you are ready to host or produce your own show, there is no better time than now.

Here’s What’s Really Happening

As consumers, we now have access to so many videos, podcasts, TV shows, films, and documentaries – at a lower cost – on a vast number of devices and platforms – like never before.

And as content producers, the technology to produce, edit and distribute our content has exploded dramatically over the past four or five years.

That means you can enjoy more content at a lower price, but you can also produce it and reach more people than traditional TV or cable TV.

Here are the four reasons behind this new media world.

Technology To Produce

As you will see in our 30-minute TV show below, we show you how to create your own TV show off the iPhone; easier and less expensive than Hollywood studios.

Wingding TV is a great example. We work with Wingding and its incredible studio that looks like any major studio in New York or LA. Plus, Wingding can take you live – off a smart phone — anywhere in the world.

Technology To Distribute

There are so many devices, streaming services, and platforms that can distribute your content.  Wingding TV is connected to all of them and other streaming services.  Plus, they use cutting edge digital marketing to hit hundreds of thousands of viewers.  Look at Wingding’s creation, the Ultimate Long Drive (ULD), that now has more than 30+ franchises around the world and more than 1 million viewers.

Viewing Habits

The majority of people are tired of cable service.  They’ve been paying $180 a month to get 500 channels of which 90% they don’t watch.  With Covid, most viewers subscribed to streaming networks like Netflix and Amazon Prime.  Locally, many people are going back to the 1970s with antennas on top of their houses to get local TV stations.

Hollywood Strikes

As we write this, the Hollywood Writers Union is on strike.  It appears the Hollywood Producers and Actors will join them soon as their contracts expire.  So far, there is little to no production of television shows that are scheduled for September either on regular television and you may see the same on streaming too.

Reaching a contract resolution – with any of the unions — seems unlikely.  The money is not there; people are going cheaper to pay for only what they watch.  Plus, studios and TV networks want to go to streaming which will cut many salaries and opportunities for Hollywood writers, producers, and actors.

Here’s what we are also hearing that no one is talking about.  The strikes and the lack of new TV content from the networks will change local TV.  Right now, local stations pay an affiliate fee to the networks to get their programming.  But the programming will be cut back from the strikes.  And the networks want to go to streaming now.

So, local TV will start looking really different.  These TV stations will start airing more local newscasts, magazine shows, or locally produced shows during primetime – leaving opportunity for other not-so Hollywood content producers.

That’s why so many people who have dreamed of media success have a chance; that TV show you have always wanted to host; your expertise that no one else has brought to the world; that view of the world that only you can bring.

And it’s something business leaders need to look at.  You can create a show that acts as added sales support to get more customers by showing off your products and services, so the audience sees and experiences it.

That’s why we suggest you jump on board with Wingding TV.

Wingding can:

  • Produce your content far cheaper than the Hollywood or network studios.
  • Deliver your content to millions of social media sites, streaming platforms, and devices throughout the world.  Look at the numbers for Ultimate Long Drive, we mentioned earlier.  Wingding also owns the Traveling Golfer that is getting viewers on hundreds of devices including cable TV, but the non-cable viewers are clearly higher.
  • Market your content using cutting edge digital marketing that hits all devices, platforms, and social media sites.  Here’s the rule: no matter how good your content is, it won’t matter unless people can see it.  So, you have to use digital marketing to make your great content a success.

Now, if you think you can create your own show by yourself, then watch our show below, where we show you how to produce your own TV show off an iPhone, which we do with Undercover Jetsetter, our show on travel, food, wine, mixology, and golf.

You can also watch the show to learn how to create great vacation videos.

Much of the info comes from our book, The TV Studio In Your Hand, that breaks down all the tricks you will need to look like a high-tech studio produced your show.

But if you think you can produce your own TV show and save some costs, then go for it – like we did.

Realize too that Susan and I have a great combination of skills that work together.

Susan graduated from film school at San Francisco State.  She also has extensive experience in sales and marketing.  Plus, she is an expert on food and wine.

My background in newspaper and TV news led me to host Real TV, the first all-news magazine reality show which was created, ironically, after a major Hollywood strike in 1996 that led to many other reality shows that were less costly.  Another parallel to today’s tech boom, Real TV also happened thanks to the smaller microchips that created the camcorder, leading thousands of viewers to send in, and get paid for, their videos that aired on Real TV to an audience that, at its peak, hit 4 million views a night in syndication.

Hopefully, our episode of Undercover Jetsetter and our book can help you produce your show. Let us know.  But also realize you still need the digital marketing tools to make you a success, which is why we need, and you will too, Wingding TV. Call them at 843-272-1901.

Click the screen below to see if producing your own show is for you.

Susan Anzalone and John Daly are the Co-Creators and Co-Hosts of Undercover Jetsetter, a show on travel, food, wine, mixology and, of course, golf. They show you how to jet set the world and at home. They also co-authored the book, The TV Studio In Your Hand: How to Shoot, Edit & Deliver the Easy Way on Your iPhone. Join them for tips and hacks on the road, at home, or in the kitchen.  Yes, as you will see, all on the iPhone.  Contact them at to see if they can help your business, speak at a conference, or promote your business as a sponsor or a profile on Undercover Jetsetter.