Joe and his wife, Sue, were arguing (again) over the pile of dirt that had been in the back yard since they moved into the house three years ago. Tired of the nagging,  Joe goes down to Home Depot and gets himself a new wheelbarrow. He bought the best one they had…you know which one I’m talking about. It was the one with the ergonomic handles, an oversized inflatable tire, and a bright orange Home Depot paint job. Joe parked it out by the pile of dirt as soon as he got home.

A few weeks later Sue lit him up again. The (now rusty) wheelbarrow was full of rain water and the pile of dirt was still there. Tired (again) of the nagging Joe goes back to Home depot and got himself a really nice shovel. He bought the best one they had. You know the one I’m talking about….it had a yellow fiberglass handle and a pointed tip. Joe dumped the water out of the wheelbarrow as soon as he got home from Home Depot and put the shovel in the wheelbarrow….right beside the pile of dirt.

A few weeks later…you guessed it…Sue was fired up again. The wheelbarrow was (again) full of rainwater and now Joe’s fancy shovel had (also) begun to rust. It took a while, but Joe finally figured it out. Sue, nagging aside…was right…and she was never going to give up until he put the shovel and wheelbarrow to work.

You get the moral of this story…right? The best tools are worthless unless you use them. The team here at wingding Media™ has some awesome tools to promote your business or project. Reach out HERE and let’s discuss your needs.

By the way…Joe and Sue lived happily ever after.

The end.